"They Don't Understand You, Stupid"

If you are struggling to generate leads for your business from an offer that you know will help people then you need to remember the below:

Do you remember "It's the economy, stupid"?

This was based on the belief that "if you say three things, you say nothing"

Carville wanted to keep things simple. Knowledge businesses should keep this in mind...

What this means is when you talk too much, you aren't really saying anything.

It's call the curse of knowledge for which I find most knowledge businesses suffer from.

They have great offerings, but a complicated or hard to understand offer.

They have too much knowledge for their own good...

Therefore, what is ordinary to them, is foreign to everyone else.

Here's an example from public accounting that makes the curse of knowledge easier to understand... 

On the first day a new staff joins the firm, people start immediately throwing out jargon, "mark it PBC", "Did you get the EL?" "Check QB"...

Poor guy or gal... they have NO CLUE what anyone is talking about. They either catch on, or are brave enough to ask someone...

Well, this is the same thing that professional service firms do ALL THE TIME when they come up with an "offer" or a "report".

They create articles with titles like - 

"Business Finance Transformation In The New Information Age"

I mean, I'm sure business owners are like "So juicy, can't wait to read!"

It might sound impressive, and it may get clicks - but not, likely from buyers.


When it comes to information that can help people - 

The goal is to create ideas that are powerful and easy-to-remember.

When it comes to this, knowledge businesses fail in 1 of 3 ways...

  • They fail to translate their offering with how the client will be transformed in a clear, and concise way that is easy to understand
  • They fail to dig deep enough to really understand what their offer means to their potential client
  • They fail to validate their offer as something that is wanted in the market

A strong offer sounds like this.

"It's Simple, Do This One Thing And Make More Money"

Not the mumble jumble you see on your timeline that is incomprehensible.

You have 3 seconds to convince someone.

You owe it to yourself to understand how language and the mind works when it comes to these things.

Joe "I'm not with stupid" Gallegos, CPA

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