3 Successful Income Explosion Strategies For Accountants and Consultants

Growth is simple.

Find someone who is hungry, and then feed them. Then, ask them if they would like a drink with that.

Which brings bring to my first growth strategy.

1) Give people what they want

You don't need to be Tesla. You just need to have your ears and eyes open to where money is flowing and who it is flowing to and then put yourself in position to get some of it.

Most start-ups fail because they are trying to sale things people don't want.

This debunks the old saying "built it and they will come" the truth is:

"Sell it and then build it"

2) Increase your prices

There is lots of money being printed every single day. I'm writing this with the most recent $3 trillion stimulus plan that the U.S. just implemented.

There is not a shortage of money.

There is plenty of it.

Most people are sitting on it.

Most people are scared to ask for it.

This is why inflation which inches up ever so slowly.

Not because the lack of supply of money, but because people are scared to ask for it.

You have not, because you ask not.

This year we raised prices by 20% because of all the recent changes, and we had one client ask about it. 

We explained the increase, and they paid it.

If you have zero ideas on how to grow your business, just do this.

3) Market to the right person

The saying "you can't be everything to everybody" is true for life and business.

Be something to someone and watch your revenue explode.

What this means is that being a "General tax planner" is less appealing and less expensive than being a "Tax expert for construction companies" to a prospective construction client.

People are willing to pay more for custom solutions.

When you market to a specific person, you become custom.

You move from generalist to specialist.

And who makes more money?

The family doctor or the heart surgeon?

You should strive to accomplish the same thing in your business. 


Joe "The Outlier" Gallegos, CPA

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